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类型 扩展包
发行日期 / 补丁 2023-05-11 / 1.9
商店: Paradox / Steam

巡游与比武十字军之王 III的第二个扩展包,发布于 2023 年 3 月 6 日[1]于 2023 年 5 月 11 日和1.9 版本同步发行。

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统治者,人生就是一场充满骑士精神的冒险之旅,何不尽情享受您的旅程?利用大型扩展包《Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments》打造属于您的史诗故事。等待着您的景象和事件保证令您赞叹,包括长枪比武场惊心动魄的模拟战斗,以及与皇家随从一起勇闯危险荒野。

发起大型“出巡”,让旅游的渴望胜过您统治者的欲望,并在既危险又充满娱乐性的国度之中寻找臣民。参与国内外众多形式的英勇锦标赛来证明自己,也可以利用庆祝活动谋杀与您争执不休的政敌。举办全新的大型活动,像是盛大的婚礼,或是刺激的猎鹰活动。不过要小心!许多庆祝活动其实是天衣无缝的障眼法,背后隐藏着对付敌人... 或家人的完美阴谋。

《Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments》呈现出勇敢的崭新中世纪世界,充满考验与磨难、事迹与冒险,以及令人耳目一新的故事情节。

Icon CK3b.png 准备好展开冒险:不安分的双脚将其主人带往远方。在个性化的壮阔旅程中,以精致的细节旅行并探索您的国度。

  • 亲手挑选随从并审慎自定义路线。前方的道路或许漫长,但充满各种丰富多彩的人物、奇异的文化,还有足以改变人生的事件。
  • 拜访您的附庸国并与他们亲密互动。检查臣民的财产并了解他们如何在您国度最遥远的角落生活。
  • 彰显您的仁慈并赏赐礼物与奖赏。也可以带上一大群税吏,向那些天高皇帝远的附庸国索讨长年的积欠。

Icon CK3b.png 新颖的锦标赛形式:对于拥有雄心大志的战士或追求声望的贵族来说,锦标赛是展示实力的绝佳场合。您会在无数的全新锦标赛、选秀会和骑士长枪比武中让大家留下深刻印象吗?

  • 参加竞赛即可赢得超棒奖品,并在新技能方面获得宝贵的经验。
  • 举办一场盛大的锦标赛,包含所有辉煌时刻与庆祝活动。访问铁匠或在地方的小酒馆喝点酒壮壮胆,做好充分的准备。
  • 设置意图来迷惑对手,然后用出色的长枪技巧给他们迎头痛击或赢得猎物的芳心。

Icon CK3b.png 盛大活动、骑士荣誉和全新美术:少了精心设计的婚礼与骑士,可就没有中世纪生活的感觉了。有了《Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments》,婚礼与骑士都将更加精彩动人!

  • 借由举办一场盛大婚礼,在幕后的外交往来中获得优势。协商有利的婚前协议、取悦您的宫廷附庸,并在这些新的复杂仪式上获得青睐。
  • 授予骑士荣誉,让您的战士贵族专攻政治权术或沙场战术。训练他们,派他们参加锦标赛或战争以获得更多经验。
  • 欣赏值得博物馆收藏的全新角色美术设计,详细展示了从中世纪早期到晚期的盔甲演变,以及西方中世纪服装令人眼花缭乱的变化。

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Tours and Tournaments - Release trailer. It is a big world, and a life spent behind the high walls of one castle would be a wasted one. See and experience this wide world through exciting new activities.

Travel the length of your realm. Host a tournament that will live forever in the memories of all that compete. Relieve stress with a falconry hunt, or show your prowess by hunting a legendary beast.

Tours and Tournaments - Pre-order trailer. Don't get too comfortable at court, because some of the greatest stories are out there in the world. Travel your realm, plan great hunts and take part in grand demonstrations of arms.
Tours and Tournaments - Announcement trailer. The pomp and pageantry of medieval tournaments are only a part of the new adventures waiting for you in "Tours and Tournaments". Travel across your realm to survey your vassals, or bring a powerful regent to heel as you make history altering decisions across dozens of new events.

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Tours and Tournaments - Feature breakdown. Travel through your realm to check on your vassals. Attend royal weddings to demonstrate your loyalty to a distant lord. Or, if you are brave enough, enter competitions of body or mind in tournaments. As always, there are no guarantees, and danger still lurks around every corner. But with great risk, comes great renown...
A Crusader Kings III Documentary - Melodies of the Middle Ages. This episode of our Documentary series focuses on the music of Crusader Kings III. How did we reconstruct medieval music for Tours & Tournaments? How did we find the balance between authentic melodies from the past and modern styles of music? And why did we visit Prague?
A Crusader Kings III Documentary - Medieval Jousts and Tournaments. Jousting with a group of knights in Visby. The Knight of Knowledge, the Knight of Two Arrows and the Chief Squire have shared their knowledge of both the medieval mounted fighting and its modern reenactment. What are the challenges? What are the differences?
A Crusader Kings III Documentary - Medieval Tournament Combat. The Middle Ages were the time when fighting prowess was highly valued. Even in times of peace, the knights trained and clashed during tournaments, showing off their skill. A visit to Warsaw and the Center Of Ancient Martial Arts, run by Robert Szatecki. He and his knights will show us what the buhurt - the art of melee fighting looked like back then and how does it look now, as a sport.
A Crusader Kings III Documentary - The Art of Medieval Sword Crafting. The Middle Ages were a violent time that resulted in the sword being a very common part of medieval life. Renowned Swedish swordsmith Peter Johnsson will journey with us to the Middle Ages to take a close look at sword crafting and how swords were used in daily life.

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