十字军之王 III

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十字军之王 III
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类型 基础游戏
发行日期 / 补丁 2020-09-01 / 1.0
商店: Paradox / Steam

Icon CK3.png十字军之王 III(Crusader Kings III)》是一款混合了RPG元素的大战略游戏,由 Paradox Development Studio 开发并且由 Paradox Interactive 发行于 2020 年 9 月 1 日。它是《十字军之王 II》的续集,后者发售于 2012 年并获得内容扩展包直到 2018 年,此后基础游戏改为免费游玩。

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Paradox Development Studio 即将推出史上最受欢迎策略游戏之一的系列续作。《Crusader Kings III》承袭了昔日渊远流长的大战略游戏体验,并带来许多能确保您王室家族取得胜利的新手段。

Icon CK3b.png 历史

  • 您能在囊括冰岛到印度、北极圈到中非的广阔地图上,从众多王朝的皇室或贵族家族中选择其一。
  • 引领历史上的王朝走过无数世纪,巩固每个新世代的政权与国力。获取新领土和头衔来巩固您的地位。
  • 当一个诚心虔诚的国王,让宗教的力量为您所用;或自行开创新的宗教派别,就此流芳千古或是遗臭万年。
  • 借由骑士、农民起事、朝圣、维京入侵等元素,体验中世纪的各种戏剧性事件与盛大场面。

Icon CK3b.png 人物

  • 在五种不同的生活方式中选择其一,磨练您的军事策略或王国管理技巧。
  • 获取能引导您人物行为的特性,不过小心别违背本性!抗拒真实自我所造成的压力可能会衍生许多新问题!
  • 为您的继承者选择合适的监护人,或亲自训练他们。倘若合法继承人不适任怎么办?
  • 暴虐成性的人物可能会建立起令人畏惧的声望,让您胆小的臣民恐惧服从。

Icon CK3b.png 战争

  • 招募披甲战士单位和英勇的骑士来扩展您的王室兵源。
  • 研发新科技来增加王国的财富和军力。
  • 延揽佣兵和教团在大规模战争中协助您。
  • 向掳获的囚犯索要赎金或劫掠附近的王国来提升收益。

Icon CK3b.png 阴谋

  • 利用您的情报头子来发掘意图反抗您王朝和王权的阴谋。
  • 招募特务来协助实行您的谋略,削弱或暗杀任何妨碍您获取权力的人。
  • 勾引其他人物以掳获对方的心或取得政治权力。
  • 收集信息以进行勒索,或在您的谋略需要额外影响力时向他人讨人情。

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Crusader Kings III: Ruler Designer. A sneak peak at the highly requested feature from the upcoming free CK3 update.
Crusader Kings III ascends to the Throne! The realm rejoices, the time has come for you to chart your own course through the Middle Ages!
Crusader Kings III: Gameplay Teaser. Watch new in-game visuals of Crusader Kings III, the upcoming sequel to one of the most beloved strategy games of the decade. Conquer new lands with your armies, your diplomacy or your guile.
Crusader Kings III: Real Strategy Requires Cunning. Guide your dynasty to earthly power and everlasting fame in Crusader Kings III. Employ swords, seduction and spycraft to keep your family line strong and secure.
Crusader Kings III: An Heir is Born. The announcement trailer. In real strategy, your greatest weapon will be your cunning. Prepare yourself to secure the throne in Crusader Kings III.

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Ruler Designer: First Look. Join Matt and Steacy in a first look at one of the most beloved features of Crusader Kings 2, the Ruler Designer, now available to use in Crusader Kings 3. Customize and build your own character to truly step into the role of the Ruler of your people!
Crusader Kings III: July 2020 Update. The overhaul of feudal contracts, the portrait system and user research!
Crusader Kings III: June 2020 Update. Everything about decisions, stress, event scripting and audio in C3!
Crusader Kings III: April & May 2020 Update. From religions and heresies to maps and art.
Crusader Kings III: March 2020 Update. This month our team tells you everything about a plethora of subjects! On the menu: tutorials and in-game encyclopedia, governments types and raiding, declaring war and hiring mercenaries, and (finally) civil wars and factions!
Crusader Kings III: February 2020 Update. Discover the 15 Perk Trees and Focuses, as well as some of the unlockable Schemes, Bonuses and Traits that will help you flesh out and guide your ruler!
Crusader Kings III: January 2020 Update. This update will focus on one of the biggest features of the game, the Lifestyle System, which significantly increases the role-playing aspect of Crusader Kings 3.
Crusader Kings III: December 2019 Update. Schemes, councillors, personality traits, courts and much more!
Crusader Kings III: November 2019 Update. A new format bringing a summarized version of the developer diaries published throughout the month.
Crusader Kings III: Game Vision. Game Director Henrik Fåhraeus lays out his vision for CK3.
Crusader Kings III: PDXCON Berlin keynote. Live from Berlin it's the Crusader Kings 3 PDXCON2019 keynote!

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Introducing CK3 - Ruler Designer. The new Ruler Designer feature coming as part of the free 1.2 update on 2020-11-24. Customize and build your own character and bring them to life!
Introducing CK3 - Religion. We arrive at the end of our introductory series. In a last hurrah, Pixelated Apollo will show you all you need to know about religion. Creating your own religion will be like a walk in the park once Crusader Kings 3 launches. Check out Pixelated Apollo's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/PixelatedAp...
Introducing CK3 - Battles. Pixelated Apollo joins us once again to tell us everything about terrain. From terrain to advantage you shan't lose another battle. Check out Pixelated Apollo's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/PixelatedAp...
Introducing CK3 - War. Our latest introductory video Pixelated Apollo will cover everything tied to war: how to fight, siege, ransom characters and win wars! Check out Pixelated Apollo's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/PixelatedAp...
Introducing CK3 - Military. For the last set of four videos we are joined by Pixelated Apollo. This video will be focused on military and how to make a strong army! Check out Pixelated Apollo's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/PixelatedAp...
Introducing CK3 - Technology. Havoc's last episode will introduce you to Technology and how you can unlock more of them! Check out Havoc's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/HForHavoc
Introducing CK3 - Money. In this new episode of our introductory series Havoc teaches you how to get more money in CK3! Check out Havoc's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/HForHavoc
Introducing CK3 - Domains. We are back with Havoc once more to learn more about domain management! Check out Havoc's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/HForHavoc
Introducing CK3 - Vassals. Our introductory series continues with Havoc! This time around you will learn everything about vassals! Check out Havoc's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/HForHavoc
Introducing CK3 - Schemes. In this fourth episode, One Proud Bavarian walks us through schemes in Crusader Kings 3. Understanding how to engage in cloak and dagger activities is essential to master the game! Check out One Proud Bavarian here: https://www.youtube.com/c/OneProudBav...
Introducing CK3 - Succession. In this third episode One Proud Bavarian will teach you everything you need to know about Succession to avoid seeing your kingdom torn to pieces when your ruler passes away! Check out One Proud Bavarian here: https://www.youtube.com/c/OneProudBav...
Introducing CK3 - Dynasty. Our second video in our introductory series with One Proud Bavarian tackles dynasties and how to make them endure throughout centuries! Check out One Proud Bavarian here: https://www.youtube.com/c/OneProudBav...
Introducing CK3 - Characters. Welcome to our introductory series on Crusader Kings III. In this first video One Proud Bavarian will help us understand the gallery of characters that we will play and what they are made of! Check out One Proud Bavarian here: https://www.youtube.com/c/OneProudBav...

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所有关于十字军之王 III(基础游戏)的开发者日志。

十字军之王 III
编号 标题和链接 描述 日期
41 A Grand Thank You
简短涉及发售后计划 2020-09-08
-- Patch 1.0.3. Out now! 1.0.3补丁附记 2020-09-03
40 A new journey begins
涉及发布和开发团队 2020-09-01
39 Achievements Showcase
介绍成就 2020-08-25
38 Legacy Showcase
介绍传承 2020-08-18
37 Making Mods
介绍模组和脚本 2020-08-11
36 Gotta Go Fast
性能和AI变化 2020-08-04
35 User Testing Before Release
发布前用户的测试与反馈工作 2020-07-28
34 It’s all about appearances
关于新肖像系统的详细信息 2020-07-21
33 An Offer You Can’t Refuse
封建契约和谈判 2020-06-30
32 Going Medieval on Audio
十字军之王3的音乐 2020-06-23
31 A Stressful Situation
深度介绍核心压力机制 2020-06-16
30 Event Scripting
十字军之王3的事件脚本说明;模组的可能性 2020-06-09
29 Even the Smallest Decision...
一个可能周目的例子 2020-06-02
28 Art Focus
十字军之王3的美术 2020-05-26
27 Cultures & Cultural Innovations
文化和技术机制的新结合 2020-05-19
26 Map Scope
深入了解部分地图;描述特殊建筑增益 2020-05-12
25 Map Features and Map Modes
地形,以及地图模式前瞻 2020-05-05
24 Fervor, Religious Hostility, and Doctrine Showcase
对宗教热情/宗教敌对机制的描述 2020-04-28
23 Holy Orders
升级的骑士团:创建,雇佣和战斗 2020-04-21
22 A Medieval Tapestry
性别和性取向机制,以及信仰的多样性 2020-04-14
21 Custom Faiths and Pagan Reformation
创造新信仰和改革原始宗教 2020-04-07
20 Religion and Faith
核心教义,教义和宗教阶层 2020-03-31
19 Factions and Civil Wars
派系,派系管理和内战 2020-03-24
18 Men-at-Arms, Mercenaries and CBs
宣战理由,宣战花费,兵士和雇佣兵 2020-03-17
17 Governments, Vassal Management, Laws, and Raiding
政体,封建契约,继承和劫掠 2020-03-10
16 Tutorials and Tooltips and Encyclopedias, Oh My!
展示教程系统和游戏内置百科全书 2020-03-03
15 The Martial Lifestyle
三个军事重心特质和技能树(权威,骑士,策略) 2020-02-25
14 The Diplomacy Lifestyle
三个外交重心特质和技能树(亲族,外务,君权) 2020-02-18
13 The Learning Lifestyle
三个学识重心特质和技能树(医学,学术,神学) 2020-02-11
12 The Stewardship Lifestyle
三个管理重心特质和技能树(领地,责任,财富) 2020-02-04
11 Seduction, Torture and the Intrigue Perk Trees
三个谋略重心特质和技能树(谋术,魅惑,威吓) 2020-01-28
10 Lifestyle Events
生活方式事件详述 2020-01-21
9 Lifestyles
新的生活方式系统和技能树 2020-01-14
8 Courts, Guests, and Wanderers
增加的廷臣系统和漫游角色 2019-12-17
7 Characters & Portraits
重置的特质系统和肖像 2019-12-10
6 Council, Vassals, & Spouse Councillor
内阁系统和封臣机制 2019-12-03
5 Schemes, Secrets and Hooks
重置后的谋略系统 2019-11-26
4 Development & Buildings
解释男爵领和建筑 2019-11-19
3 War
升级战争机制 2019-11-12
2 The Medieval Map
从CK2到CK3的地图变化 2019-11-06
1 Dynasties & Houses
新的宗族系统,家族,宗族威望和传承 2019-10-31
0 The Vision
十字军之王3的愿景 2019-10-24
0 An Heir Is Born!
十字军之王3的宣告日志 2019-10-19

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